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Hair colors

We offer hair colors for hairdressers at reasonable prices and from well-known brands. In addition to facial make-up, hair coloring is the most common form of so-called decorative cosmetics. Thanks to the inexhaustible number of hair colors, even your most demanding customer will be satisfied. A wide range of products for gentle hair coloring allows you to choose the durability of the color shade in advance. Coloring is a chemical process that changes the color of the natural pigment in the hair.

We sell professional hair colors only for hairdressers. You can be very seriously injured by unprofessional hair coloring.


Top product

Hair colors Color by Nikola (you don't need peroxide) 120 ml

Hair dyes with a high pigment content, so they hold well on the hair and cover a lot. The colors are so-called semi-permanent, so you do not need an oxidant or peroxide for application. With repeated ...
In stock from € 13.7
20 items

Subrína color Unique hair color 100 ml

from € 7.9
In stock
Permanent hair color. Choose a shade using the swatches in the pictures. &n...

Vitalitys Art Hip-Pop highlights 60 ml

from € 10.7
In stock
Color highlight for application without discoloration.

Vitalitys profi cream hair color 100 ml

from € 9.2
In stock
Cream color with meadow herbs. Professional hair color with natural extracts of ...

Londa color hair color 60 ml

from € 6.0
In stock
Hair color with Color-Pro-Technology. Professional long-lasting hair color enric...
On sale

from € 9.1
In stock

from € 8.0
In stock
For color hair
No oxidant is needed

Fanola Free paint hair dye (you don't ne...

from € 9.5
In stock
Semi-permanent hair dyes that can withstand up to 15 washes. 9 attractive shades that...
For color hair
No oxidant is needed

Subrina Direct color hair color (no oxid...

from € 16.8
In stock
Direct Color is a new extremely intensive non-oxidizing color without ammonia. New...
Subrina Refresh pigment hair mask 150 ml
Against creaking
No oxidant is needed

Subrina Refresh pigment hair mask 150 ml

from € 12.8
In stock
A nourishing mask with temporary pigments is designed to revive an existing color or ...
For color hair
No oxidant is needed

Hair colors Color by Nikola (you don't n...

from € 13.7
In stock
Hair dyes with a high pigment content, so they hold well on the hair and cover a lot....
For colored hair

Echosline Color.up color masks 150 ml

from € 16.0
In stock
Echosline Color Up color hair mask with rich pigment, which does not require peroxide...

Hessler Color universal oxidant

from € 4.4
In stock
Emulsion of hydrogen peroxide for hairdressing purposes. Universal hydrogen pero...

Londa Oxidant for Londa overflow 1.9%

€ 10.0
In stock
Emulsion oxidizing agent for Londa overflow.

Londa Londacolor oxidant

from € 10.0
In stock
Oxidation emulsions for Londa products.

Vitalitys Ossidante in crema cream oxida...

from € 8.4
In stock
Professional cream oxidant for optimal results of Vitality's paints and colors.

Subrina Cremeoxyd cream hydrogen peroxid...

from € 6.2
In stock
Color hydrogen cremeoxyd is a cream developer whose special composition guarantees th...
- 1 %

RefectoCil oxidant 3% 50 ml

€ 6.0 € 6.0
In stock
Liquid oxidant 3% for eyebrow and eyelash paints Refectocil. For color stabiliza...

RefectoCil Oxide cream 3% 100 ml

€ 7.8 € 7.8
In stock
For mixing with eyebrow and eyelash paint from RefectoCil. Creamy oxidant for ea...

from € 12.4
In stock

We sell quality hair colors from well-known brands. You will definitely choose from us. Did you know that hair coloring is divided into 3 categories?

  • Short-term uses the ability of some dyes to bind only lightly to the hair. This method of coloring only improves or strengthens the basic natural color shade of the hair. The color can be removed by washing the hair with shampoo.
  • Permanent or permanent dyeing, which uses natural, metallic or synthetic oxidative dyes to give the hair a permanent color shade. The color is very durable, lasts almost indefinitely, and is very difficult to remove. However, new hair must be re-dyed to the same color shade.
  • Combined coloring usually means a fundamental change in hair color, for example from dark to light. It combines hair bleaching with subsequent coloring, usually in a permanent way.

The dyeing process takes place using artificial dye molecules that penetrate into the middle layers of the hair cortex. At the same time, they meet the individual pigment grains that they coat, thus changing their color and size. Hair colors must be of good quality to minimize hair damage. Hair coloring is a process that clearly damages the hair. You can reduce the risk of damage with a properly concentrated color bath, thorough regeneration after dyeing, as well as the time between individual dyeings. This will help the hair to cope with the fact that the increase in pigment and shade are irreversible changes.

Did you know that if you want to use dark shades on gray hair, you should not use more than 6% oxidant? Gray hair takes on color more slowly. If the oxidant concentration is higher, the chemical reaction will take place too quickly and the gray hair will not color.