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Make-up from Ryor

Today, make-up in a modern concept is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of protecting the skin from external influences, and thus, of course, from its premature aging. It is the same for facial skin as a skin protection suit.

3 items
Herbal ingredient

RYOR Mattifying cream with powder effect...

€ 9.6
In stock
The high content of microparticles creates a perfectly matte and powdery effect witho...

RYOR Make-up base 10 ml

€ 7.0
In stock
Balancing base for make-up and make-up. No more smudged makeup and powder. ...
UV protection
To unify the skin

RYOR brightening make-up 8 in 1 30 ml

from € 11.4
In stock
Gentle, light toning make-up with mineral pigments unifies skin color, minimizes pore...