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Shaving and depilation of the whole body

Where bleaching of unwanted beards or hair is ineffective or has no desired effect, we must use methods to remove it. Chemical and physical methods can be used to completely remove beards and hair. Chemicals are based on the disruption of the keratin structure by chemical means, while physical methods are either mechanical or involve the effects of an electric current.


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Procedures for removing beards or hair by chemical or mechanical means are short-lived, as they do not prevent the growth of new hair mass. However, the use of an electric current hits the root, which makes further hair growth virtually impossible.

Depilation is a set of physical or chemical procedures in which hair or beard is removed at the surface of the skin, that is, where it grows out of the skin.

Epilation involves methods of removing an entire hair or beard organ, either by tearing or using an electric current. The oldest and at the same time the most common epilation means are the so-called epilation waxes. They are applied warmly on the hairy parts of the legs or hands and after cooling, the solidified wax is sharply peeled off. If this epilation method is performed correctly, 60 to 80% of all hairs will be removed. Epilation waxes are usually mixtures of white beeswax, rosin and mineral oil. Some preparations are also based on raw natural rubber in a volatile organic solvent. During epilation, hairs with roots break in, creating small wounds that must be treated immediately with a suitable antiseptic solution or cream.