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Private policy

This website (hereinafter referred to as the presentation or website) was built in most cases in accordance with the Czech Rules for creating an accessible website. Exceptions to this methodology are listed below, see "Inaccessible parts of the website".

If you come across a page that does not meet the methodology in some way, please inform our technical administrator and a remedy will be arranged (or a reason will be given why the repair cannot be performed).

Inaccessible parts of the site


  • E-shop requires cookies to function properly. Without them, you cannot add products to the cart or send an order.
  • Flash banners do not provide an alternative label, banner JavaScript does not work without JavaScript (if set).

Information on other standards

The source code of the presentation complies with the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard issued by the W3C consortium.
Cascading Style Sheets meet the CSS level 2.1 standard, but several CSS level 3 rules were required for some parts of the site to work properly.

About navigating between pages

At the top of each page there is a link "Skip to main content", a link "Skip to additional content", "Skip to image", a link to the home page in the form of a logo, as well as the main navigation menu and search.

Keyboard shortcuts (on alphanumeric keypad)
Key 1:
Jumps to the main content of the page.
Key 2:
Skips to additional content.
Key 3:
Jumps to the top of the page.
Key 4:
Jumps to an enlarged image, if one exists.
Note: For example, in Internet Explorer and Safari, you can skip to the main content by pressing Alt + 1. In Mozilla Firefox, then Alt + Shift + 1. In Opera, you can bring up a menu with keyboard shortcuts using Shift + Esc, then just press in our case 1.

The keys are set to the Czech keyboard, so basically 1 is "+", 2 is "ě", 3 is "š" and 4 is "č".

External links and new windows
Links leading outside this presentation are marked with an icon (external link) and links opening a new window are marked with an icon (new window).

If the user does not have JavaScript, the corresponding icons are replaced by a background image of the link using cascading styles. If the user does not have JavaScript along with images or cascading styles, they will not see any icons.

Personalized browsing options
The presentation is only available in one (basic) style, but some browsers support disabling / personalizing styles at different levels.

Mozilla Firefox supports turning off styles and custom styles.
Opera supports advanced style manipulation, including dozens of preset templates.
Contact the technical administrator
In case of emergency, you can send a message to our technical administrator by e-mail