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Decolorizing agents

We offer highly effective bleaching agents that will be appreciated in every professional hairdressing salon. A high-quality hair bleach ensures a perfect bleaching result. Get resources for your salon that you can rely on. For a good price, you get bleaching agents from leading world brands.

If you discolor your hair unprofessionally, you can get seriously hurt. Therefore, leave the hair discoloration to professionals = hairdressers.


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Matuschka Superplatin highlighting powder 500 g

Highlighting powder. Super platinum decolorizing dust-free powder from Matuschka.   ...
In stock € 27.6
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Londa Blondoran highlights lightening po...

€ 23.3 € 23.3
Intense hair lightening. Professional hair lightening powder from Londa.   ...

Matuschka Superplatin highlighting powde...

€ 27.6
In stock
Highlighting powder. Super platinum decolorizing dust-free powder from Matuschka...

Vitalitys Decolorante in polvere highlig...

€ 22.0 € 22.0
In stock
For bleaching peels and highlights. Blue dust-free highlighter powder from Vital...

The difference between bleaching and coloring the hair lies in the effect of the individual solutions on the hair structure. Experience has shown that the most suitable substances for hair bleaching are peroxides, especially hydrogen peroxide, with the simultaneous use of ammonia or ammonium salts. It is understandable that the process of hair bleaching is accompanied by physical and chemical changes in hair structure, as bleaching is quite a deep intervention in the structure of hair.

Just as you color the pigment grains in the hair cortex with a new color shade, so when you discolor, you dissolve the pigment grains with a bleaching solution. This is also the reason why once bleached hair absorbs a potential color solution so poorly. Where the pigment grains are dissolved, the paint molecules have no chance of being trapped.

  • It is necessary to realize that changes are irreversible. Once bleached, the hair can no longer darken, as no pigment is newly formed in the bleached part of the hair. Only on growing hair can we observe the interface of the naturally colored and discolored part of the stem.
  • Repeated or even frequent bleaching of already bleached hair deepens the adverse effect of the bath and leads to easily noticeable changes in hair quality (matte, brittle and dry hair).
  • Bleach only the newly growing part of the hair and do not bleach the part of the hair that has already been bleached once.