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Overflows and emulsions

Choose from the rich selection of toppings and emulsions that are right for your hair. Compared to 100% coverage of hair colors, the overflow has only half the ability to cover grays and the durability of the shade. However, its great advantage is the gradual washing - it does not create such unsightly growths. We offer you various types of toppings and emulsions for perfect care of your hair at advantageous prices.

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Toppings and emulsions for the perfect shade of your hair

Recently, spillovers have been a big hit. If you have a lighter shade of hair, you can experiment and not be afraid of serious hair damage. The ideal variant when looking for a non-traditional shade of your hair are toning washable colors, which are very gentle on the hair. How is it possible? These overflows only cover the surface of the hair, it does not penetrate to its depth, as is the case with hair dyes.

Hair spills are more gentle on the hair. Thanks to them, you can experiment and find the perfect shade for your hair.


In order for the overflow to last longer, it is still necessary to take care of the hair. The overflows are washed out for 6-8 weeks. Their shade changes with virtually every head wash. If you want to keep the shade as long as possible, do not wash your head every day.

  • Modern technologies and production processes have added additional added value to overflows - they can, for example, protect hair from UV radiation.
  • Hair emulsions nourish the hair especially in summer, when you bathe in chlorinated or salt water.