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Decorative cosmetics

From the point of view of protecting the skin from adverse external influences, it would be quite sufficient to powder the skin cream with a light powder. We remove the greasy shine with it, the protective film becomes breathable at the same time, its absorbent capacity increases many times, it is able to bind excess sweat and sebum and all fallout from the air and dirt adheres only to the surface of the skin. This way we can make ideal skin treatments. However, this does not compensate for color differences, minor unevenness, rough skin. Therefore, if the underlying basic make-up is to fulfill the aesthetic purpose perfectly, ie. cover minor visual defects, or To correct the shape of the nose or face, the make-up technique is much more complicated. It requires much more than applying a toning cream and powdering the face. A number of special knowledge and exercises, skills and also a feeling for aesthetics are already needed for a perfect adjustment.

Top product

Bellissima Powder compact 6 g

Thanks to this powder, your skin will look fresh and tanned without having to expose your skin to the sun's rays. Perfectly unifies the tone of your skin. It is based on a natural base and is suitable...
In stock from € 21.5
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Lille powder Egyptian clay 10 g

€ 17.5
In stock
It perfectly adapts to the shade of your skin, is waterproof and suitable for every s...
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Bellissima Powder compact 6 g

from € 21.5
In stock
Thanks to this powder, your skin will look fresh and tanned without having to expose ...

RYOR Make-up base 10 ml

€ 5.4
In stock
Balancing base for make-up and make-up. No more smudged makeup and powder. ...
UV protection
To unify the skin

RYOR brightening make-up 8 in 1 30 ml

from € 9.3
In stock
Gentle, light toning make-up with mineral pigments unifies skin color, minimizes pore...
On sale

RYOR Chameleon self-coloring pH lip balm...

€ 4.7
In stock
The gentle natural lip balm colors the lips according to the pH of the lip skin and s...

Dr. Müller Panthenol lip stick 4.4 g

€ 3.2
In stock
A pleasant kiss balm with panthenol. Stick with panthenol for quick relief of dr...

Dr. Müller Panthenol lip cream 7% 10 ml

€ 3.8
Pan cream with panthenol brings immediate relief to dry and stressed lips, which it l...
Silicone free
Sulphate free

Dr. Müller Lip balm with tea tree oil 10...

€ 4.1
In stock
Lip balm brings immediate relief to stressed and dry lips. Provides lips with lo...

RYOR Lip balm with rice oil and Japanese...

€ 4.8
In stock
The lip balm with a delicate fresh scent contains a balanced combination of rice a...