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Eyelash and eyebrow colors

One of the actions that beauticians have taken over from hairdressing salons is to color eyelashes and eyebrows with a permanent color. We always prepare the color exactly according to the instructions. We usually use paints diluted with 3% hydrogen oxide. In our offer you will find colors for eyelashes and eyebrows from two great brands. Austrian brands RefectoCil and German brands Binacil from Wimpernwelle. RefectoCil has a more sophisticated design and marketing and is a bit more expensive. Binacil is the same quality color for eyelashes, but a little cheaper. See for yourself which brand suits you better. Currently, you can choose not only from black and brown, but also from blonde or graphite.

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Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow color 15 ml

Professional eyelash and eyebrow color for optimal color results. You can mix colors with each other and create your own shade. ...
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Wimpernwelle Binacil eyelash and eyebrow...

from € 7.5
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Professional eyelash and eyebrow color for soft and long-lasting coloring from a worl...

Wimpernwelle Binacil oxidizing cream age...

€ 6.2
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Gentle, creamy, sensitive developer. When applied to eyelashes, it does not burn...
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Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow color 15 ...

from € 7.2
In stock
Professional eyelash and eyebrow color for optimal color results. You can mix co...

Refectocil - eye papers 80 pcs

€ 6.9
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Algae coloring pads. An excellent helper when coloring eyelashes.  

RefectoCil oxidant 3% 50 ml

€ 6.5
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Liquid oxidant 3% for eyebrow and eyelash paints Refectocil. For color stabiliza...

RefectoCil Oxide cream 3% 100 ml

€ 7.8
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For mixing with eyebrow and eyelash paint from RefectoCil. Creamy oxidant for ea...

RefectoCil color bowl 1pc

€ 1.7
In stock
Bowl for mixing oxidant and paint.

If the client has not yet had eyelashes and eyebrows painted, we must perform a sensitivity test. This means that a small amount of mixed paint is applied to a hidden spot on the back of the auricle. The client, whom we acquaint with the necessity of the test, must then, after 12 to 24 hours, record a possible reaction (ie a feeling of itching, burning, or redness), which she will inform us about during the next visit. In the event of a reaction (redness), we must not perform staining. We apply the paint on un-made eyelashes. It must not be greasy. If we have a mixed color ready, apply a slightly greasy cream on the lower eyelids and apply moistened stencils under the lower lashes. Spread the prepared color on the upper lashes using a plastic stick or brush. Then lightly press the colored eyelashes onto the stencil by lightly pressing a stick or brush. This will discolor the lower lashes.

When coloring eyebrows, we take care to apply the color only to the hair, while trying to maintain the desired shape of the eyebrows. To prevent the expression of the eye from being too hard, leave the color black for one minute or use gray (marked graphite) or brown. In some hairdressing salons, they use the same colors to color their eyebrows as they do to color their hair. It achieves the same shade of hair and eyebrows.