Vitalitys Art Hip-Pop highlights 60 ml

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Shade of highlights
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Color highlight for application without discoloration.


Detailed Description

For optimal color effects, mix exclusively with Vitalitys cream peroxide 6% or 12% in a ratio of 1: 1.5.

Intended only for hairdressers.


Package contents

60 ml

Specification points

Preparation: In the shaker mix Hip-Pop highlight with Vitalitys cream peroxide 30vol (9%) or 40vol (12%). Mix in a ratio of 1: 1.5 (eg 30ml Hip-Pop highlighter + 45ml cream peroxide Vitalitys). Stir until a creamy mixture is formed, then apply to dry hair. Peroxide must be ordered separately, not included. Wear protective gloves.

Application: Paint the selected strands and wrap them in foil. Apply the mixture with a brush and leave to act. Try to avoid splashing the scalp.

Exposure time: 30 minutes without heat 15 minutes with heat.

Treatment: At the end of the exposure period, rinse the hair and remove all traces of highlights. Then wash your hair with a specific shampoo.

We recommend performing a skin sensitivity test before use.


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