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Loose and solid powders

The classic loose or solid compact powder softens and completes every make-up in the final stage. Above all, however, it fixes it and prolongs its durability. In our e-shop you will find mainly powders made on natural bases sometimes known as clay or Egyptian clay. We offer both solid and loose powder. A solid compact powder is recommended for basic skin treatment and make-up. The solid powder handles faster and there is no risk of it spilling into your purse. So it is often used for travel or for quick powdering during the day. Loose powder "absorbs" more into the skin, so it lasts longer, but it is in danger of spilling, so it is safer to leave it at home in one place.

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To unify the skin

Lille powder Egyptian clay 10 g

€ 18.7 € 18.7
In stock
It perfectly adapts to the shade of your skin, is waterproof and suitable for every s...
To unify the skin
All skin types

Bellissima Powder compact 6 g

from € 28.1
In stock
Thanks to this powder, your skin will look fresh and tanned without having to expose ...

€ 8.1
- 1 %

€ 4.3 € 4.3
In stock

€ 6.6