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We send cosmetic packages to other Europe countires

Transport to EU countries

We often send our packages trough shipping company Packeta, that use transporters like Hermes, DPD, DHL or choosen country mails. Most packages arrive within 5 business days of dispatch. We are expanding the list of countries so if you can’t find yours, let us know and we will amend it. If you are shopping abroad, we need you to pay right when you order and that’s trough GoPay or PayPal. If your payment is canceled, let us know right away. We will generate a link for you, which you can pay with additionaly. We will send the link on your email. You can also transfer to account, but you have to enter data as IBAN. All the numbers are written below in the section Payment.

We now deliver to countries/ price for tranport (in euros)/ which shipping company

Germany     8,-  DHL or Hermes
Austria       8,-


Poland     6,-    
Hungary 7,-     
France    15,-
Switzerland 13,- pošta
Lithuania 10,-  
Latvia 10,-  
Estonia 10,-  
Croatia 10,- DPD
Romania 9,-





Bulgaria 9,-  


There are two options you can pay your package.

  • Transfer to account - send the final sum on Air Bank account 1569799050/3030, IBAN cz14 3030 0000 0015 6979 9050, as a variable symbol put the number of your order. Please be aware that payment abroad can take even three days. After we receive your payment it could take five days until your package is delivered.
  • Online payment – the fastest payment. We use system GoPay. If your payment is succeed we sent your package right away. Most of the packages to EU are delivered in 5 days to your home. Now you can also pay with us via PayPal. It all starts at the GoPay gateway where there is a signpost for payment via GoPay or via PayPal. If you want to pay via PayPal, select See more payment methods and here you will see a link to PayPal. After clicking, you will be redirected to your PayPal account.
How to choose a paypal payment?
paypal paypal paypal3

Shipping worldwide

We do not send directly to the whole world. If you are from a country outside the EU, you can have the goods sent to an intermediary company, which will send the goods to your home. This option is without guarantee. We want to make your search easier, so we offer a list of companies that deal with this forwarding worldwide in the Czech Republic.