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Foil, cotton wool, paper and other aids for professionals and home use

The procedure for highlighting in foil or plastic foil is similar to the method for combing over a comb. The only difference is that you do not base the selected hair with a highlight, but with an foil or plastic foil. Apply a small amount of highlighting bath to it in advance. Attach a strand to prevent the film from slipping. After applying the highlighting bath from the top of the strand, you will achieve a total saturation of the hair.

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Refectocil - eye papers 80 pcs

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Algae coloring pads. An excellent helper when coloring eyelashes.  

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Echosline Carbon 9 Skin stain remover wi...

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NATAVA Bamboo cotton buds 200 pcs

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Cotton swabs are a handy helper not only for cleaning the ears. In addition, these ar...

Always use the foil twice as long as the processed hair. After applying the product, fold it, preferably twice. Use the comb-tip to close the foil from the sides as well. You continue in rows to the top of your head. Do not apply too much decolorizing solution to the foil when highlighting. Due to the thickeners, which contain decolorizing powder, the solution tends to increase in volume. It fills the foil and flows into the other hair. This will cause unsightly blond spots.