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Dr. Müller PantheNose nasal spray with aloe vera 20 ml

Hydration For pregnant women
Product code: NOSS01 SKU manufacturer: 8594009625446 Brand: Dr. Müller
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Dexpanthenol and Aloe vera soothe and heal the nasal mucosa in colds and together with glycerin support its moisturization.

It moisturizes the dry nasal mucosa and protects it from drying out.



Detailed Description

  • gently and gently cleanses the nose
  • removes dry crusts from the nasal mucosa
  • regenerates the nasal mucosa
  • protects the nasal mucosa

Package contents

20 ml

Specification points

Inject into each nostril several times a day as needed. Suitable for adults, children from 3 years, pregnant and lactating women.

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