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Lille powder Egyptian clay 10 g

To unify the skin Waterproof
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It perfectly adapts to the shade of your skin, is waterproof and suitable for every skin type.

One shade of powder that perfectly unifies the tone of your skin. Ideal for tanned skin without sunbathing.



Detailed Description

Thanks to its magical composition, Lille powder has gained thousands of loyal customers who have been using it since it saw the light of day. Its composition has not changed in 25 years. No substitutes, no cheating - it's still the same Lille powder.

The legendary Lille powder is also referred to as Egyptian clay. It has only one single color shade. It has the miraculous property that it adapts perfectly to your skin tone! Thanks to that, it is really very versatile and suitable for all skin types. Lille powder, or if you like Egyptian clay, is a valuable microscopic powder with vitamins A and E based on a natural base.

And you don't have to worry that it's only for older skin. Even young and supple skin fits perfectly. In addition, it has a great property - it is water resistant. So it will last you all day, because not a sweat is enough for him. If necessary, you can even use it on the whole body. In the evening, you can easily remove it with an ordinary make-up remover.

The content is sufficient for about 300 uses. You can apply the powder in layers and you can also use it without make-up. The powder can also be used instead of blush or eye shadow.

Package contents

10 g of microscopic powder

Ingredients: Talc, Dimethylimidazolldione, Rice starch, cyclomethicone, Silica, Tocopherol, Fragrance, Iron oxide, Titanium dioxide, Mica

Specification points

Apply a small amount of powder on the brush. Use a cork pad to spread the powder evenly on the brush.

The more powder you apply to yourself, the darker the color. If you have not worked with the powder yet, we recommend applying less powder.

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