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Bellissima Powder compact 6 g

To unify the skin All skin types
Product code: 03151 SKU manufacturer: 920010 Brand: Bellissima

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Shade of powder
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Thanks to this powder, your skin will look fresh and tanned without having to expose your skin to the sun's rays. Perfectly unifies the tone of your skin. It is based on a natural base and is suitable for every skin type. The advantage is that it is a solid powder, so there is no danger of it spilling into your purse.



Detailed Description

New round package, but the contents are still just as wonderful.

Do you also love when your skin is fresh and tanned? With Bellissima solid powder, you can have exactly such skin every day. This is a powder completely based on a natural base. It is made of rare and beneficial Egyptian clay - a proven ingredient for thousands of years, thanks to which this solid powder is very fine and suitable for every skin type. It can even be tolerated by ladies with very sensitive skin.

The main advantage is that it gives your skin a natural tan without having to spend long hours in the sun. It will also work great as natural makeup. You can even use your fingertips to make up your lips and eyelids.

Properties of Bellissima powder

  • Relieves oiling and sweating of the skin
  • Lets the skin breathe
  • Unifies skin tone and the skin looks velvety silky
  • Thanks to its solid state, it will never spill into your purse
  • It will last you a really long time - for a perfect result it is enough to apply a really small amount

Choose the right shade of Bellissima solid powder

  • Shade No. 1 - can also be used as a rose
  • Shade No. 2 - ideal for oily skin, does not contain shine
  • Shade No. 3 - it also contains shine, it is great for evening make-up
  • Shade No. 4 - all three shades together, with shiny glitter

Package contents


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