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Hair shampoos - Hessler

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Fanola Volume Volume Shampoo

Hair shampoo that adds volume to the hair without burdening it. Adds volume to the hair from the roots, wraps the length of hair into a fine protective film that supports the shape of the hairsty...
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Herbal ingredient
Greasy hair

Hessler Shampoo for oily hair 1000 ml

€ 5.9 € 5.9
In stock
Professional hair shampoo.
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Hessler Shampoo for dry and damaged hair...

€ 6.0
In stock
Professional hair shampoo with natural keratin. For perfect nutrition of dry hai...
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Hessler Shampoo for normal hair 1000 ml

€ 4.9 € 4.9
In stock
Shampoo for normal hair with natural protein. Gentle shampoo for normal hair. ...

Hessler Sinetin, Sirosalicylic lice sham...

€ 8.1 € 8.1
In stock
The shampoo is intended primarily for problems with parasites / lice, scabies /, dand...
against dandruff
Greasy hair

Hessler Sinetin, Sebolytic shampoo for o...

€ 8.1 € 8.1
In stock
It reduces the secretion of sebum and thus counteracts excessive oiling of the hair. ...
For sensitive skin

Hessler Sinetin, Very gentle PEG Free sh...

€ 8.1 € 8.1
In stock
Very gentle shampoo, also suitable for children. Gentle shampoo for sensitive sk...