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Hair shampoos - Black

Top product

Fanola Volume Volume Shampoo

Hair shampoo that adds volume to the hair without burdening it. Adds volume to the hair from the roots, wraps the length of hair into a fine protective film that supports the shape of the hairsty...
In stock from € 9.4
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Against hair tangles
For all hair types

Black Shampoo rivitalizzante regeneratin...

€ 7.0 € 7.0
Shampoo that restores vitality and makes combing easier. Professional shampoo fo...
On sale
Silicone free

Black Yellow Stop Shampoo against yellow...

€ 9.5 € 9.5
In stock
Shampoo for gray and highlighted hair. Purple shampoo to remove yellow tones of ...
Against creaking
Intensive care

Black Anti-Frizz Ampoules 10 ml

€ 1.6
In stock
Black - Anti-Frizz Ampoules hair. hair restraining serum.


€ 6.9
In stock
A product to facilitate combing of curly or severely unruly hair.
Against creaking

Black Anti-Frizz Shampoo 500 ml

€ 6.2
Shampoo for curly, unruly and problematic hair.

Black Argan Shampoo

from € 4.7
In stock
Black Argan shampoo.
against dandruff

Black Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 500 ml

€ 7.8 € 7.8
In stock
Dandruff shampoo.

Black Blanc Volume up shampoo

from € 6.8
In stock
Volume Up Shampoo with bamboo extract intensively nourishes weak, brittle hair and gi...
For volume
It does not rinse

Black hair 3D powder for a volume of 8g

€ 11.6
In stock
Hair powder to increase hair volume. Contains panthenol. Very popular in men's h...