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Black Shampoo rivitalizzante regenerating shampoo 1000 ml

Against hair tangles For all hair types
Product code: 1056 SKU manufacturer: 8008423870653 Brand: Black
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Shampoo that restores vitality and makes combing easier.

Professional shampoo for quick combing of hair.



Detailed Description

Non-aggressive shampoo for normal and dry hair. Also suitable for colored hair.

Package contents

1000 ml

Specification points

1) Brush or comb your hair well before washing. This will release tangled or partially stuck areas.

2) Shampoos are usually supplied in multi-use packages. The amount needed for one wash depends on the richness, length and degree of soiling of the hair.

3) Moisten your hair before applying the shampoo.

4) Shampoo should never be given directly from the hair wrap. It must be applied evenly. Rub the required amount in the palms of your hands and then rub it into the hair.

5) For longer or very thick and full hair, another procedure has proved successful. The required amount of shampoo is dissolved in 50 to 100 ml of warm water before use.

6) Very often the question is also asked whether two shampooing procedures are necessary, ie preliminary and additional washing. With normal soiling and washing for a maximum of 3 to 4 days, one wash is perfectly sufficient.

7) It is very important to rinse the shampoo thoroughly. This is the only way to remove grease and dirt from the hair. Even the best shampoo cannot show its effect if it is badly rinsed off.

8) Gently squeeze excess moisture from thoroughly rinsed hair with a towel. Strong friction could slightly swell, damaging the delicate hair

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