Fanola No Orange hair care (not only) for brunettes

Fanola No orange is a special blue shampoo that removes a yellow, copper or red shade from your hair and leaves a white / silver shade on your hair after washing. It is also great for colored and uncoloured hair. You can adjust the light intensity over time. The longer you leave the shampoo or mask on your hair, the lighter the resulting shade will be. The mask is not as intense as shampoo, but it nourishes the hair even more and does not dry it out.


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Fanola No Orange hair mask to neutralize red and copper reflections
Silicone free
Sulphate free

Fanola No Orange hair mask to neutralize...

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We offer you an amazing mask that will be appreciated by all brunettes. It is used to...
Fanola No Orange hair shampoo to neutralize copper or red highlights
Without parabens
Silicone free

Fanola No Orange hair shampoo to neutral...

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Do you also need to get rid of those nasty red reflections in your brown color immedi...