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Gestil is a high-quality Italian brand of hair products, excellent for its gentle effect and balanced concentration of active ingredients and extracts. Gestil products focus on effective solutions to hair and scalp problems. Thanks to unique ingredients, which include extracts of bamboo and various herbs, it heals hair with unprecedented effectiveness and protects it from damage. The revitalizing product Gestil Wonder has already become legendary, which restores health and beauty even to heavily damaged hair, suffering from the effects of coloring, lightening or smog.

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Without parabens
Silicone free
For ruined hair

Gestil Wonder ristruktture hair mask

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The legendary hair balm, sometimes called the Bull Ball. Earlier, bull's gland s...
Silicone free
For dry hair

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Equally effective are Gestil products that solve problems with dandruff, grease, dehydration, hypersensitivity and other specific needs of hair and scalp. Styling products then reliably provide hair with shape, shine, nutrition and protection. Gestil hair products mean an excellent effect at reasonable prices. GESTIL products are represented in the hairdressing world by the Gestil CARE line and the legendary BALSAM GESTIL WONDER hair regeneration. The products excel in their gentle action and balanced concentration of active substances and extracts. They focus on solving hair and scalp problems. They include tonics, shampoos, hair baths, regenerating hair masks, gels and sprays.