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Conditioner with milk proteins, ginger and panthenol nourishes the hair and gives it volume and shine.


Detailed Description

Few women do not long for shiny, thick hair full of volume. Volume balm multiplies the effects of volume shampoo. Like the shampoo, it adds volume, shine and improves structure to thin hair thanks to the contained milk proteins, ginger and panthenol. In addition, it makes it easier to comb the hair and prevents tangles.


Milk proteins contain amino acids that are essential for proper hair care. Hair not only regenerates and improves its structure, but it has direct healing effects on the scalp. With long-term use, the skin and hair will look significantly younger and fresher, the ends of the hair will be less frayed and will be less prone to damage.


Ginger contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins that help make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. Ginger is also beneficial against hair loss and dandruff problems that are typical of thin and weakened hair. It helps blood circulation to the skin, thus promoting healthy hair growth.


Panthenol helps to hydrate the hair and prevents it from dehydrating. It coats, hydrates, closes the cuticle and enhances its shine. Panthenol forms a thin film on the hair, which increases the reflection of light and makes the hair shinier. It is also suitable for smoothing hair.

Package contents

250 ml

Specification points

Apply the balm to washed, towel-dried hair, comb and thoroughly after 1-2 minutes rinse.

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