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RYOR cream against redness and varicose veins 50 ml

For sensitive skin Hydration
Product code: 24002 SKU manufacturer: 8594007977639
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€ 9.1
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Highly effective cream based on liquid crystals with a significant soothing effect, suitable for all types of irritated skin.

It acts against redness, hydrates the skin, soothes and creates a protective barrier on the skin.



Detailed Description

  • for all ages
  • cork oak and seaweed extracts significantly reduce reddening of the skin
  • probiotic culture (Lactobacillus pentosus) creates a protective barrier,
  • especially for very sensitive to atopic skin
  • the complex of vitamins A, C and E in the form of a liposome has an antioxidant and strengthens effect
  • venous walls and prevents their cracking
  • can be applied even in the period of frost

Package contents

50 ml

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