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Matuschka is Czech hair cosmetics for a good price

Top Hair Matuschka is a Czech hair cosmetics for hairdressers, founded in the 1970s by the famous hairdresser of the time, Mr. Gerhard Matuschka. He had a hairdressing salon in Prague and found that the cosmetics market was very limited and that there would be a demand for some types of products. After emigrating to Germany, he founded a company that still produces products under his name. During that time, cosmetics were popular not only by many hairdressers, but also by their customers. At present, the company produces more than 70 types of cosmetics.

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Matuschka Pearltex bodifier gel 100 ml

€ 9.6 € 9.6
In stock
For modern hair styling and modeling of wild strands. Great gel consistency for ...
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Matuschka Top hair Styling gel

from € 7.4
Gel hardener to strengthen the shape of the hairstyle.

Matuschka Hairtonic massagetonicum 250 m...

€ 8.6 € 8.6
In stock
Antibacterial massage hair tonic for the scalp.
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Matuschka Top Hair Haarlack 1000 ml

from € 37.3
In stock
Professional elastic or extra strong hairspray in an economical replacement package. ...

Matuschka Superplatin highlighting powde...

€ 27.6
In stock
Highlighting powder. Super platinum decolorizing dust-free powder from Matuschka...

Matuschka Finish Gel-Gel Wax 100 ml

€ 16.2 € 16.2
In stock
Gel wax.

Matuschka Hair Wax 100 ml

from € 12.5
In stock
The product gives the finished hairstyle a wonderful shine, fullness and fashion effe...