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INSIGHT is a natural cosmetics (not only) for hair

INSIGHT is a new line of hair and body cosmetics that are inspired by nature. The products are rich in active and protective ingredients that are essential for the health and cleanliness of your hair and body. The main active ingredients in all products come from organic farming and certified crops. The mixture of oils and butter naturally acts in synergy with these extracts and increases the effect of hair and body nutrition. The products are manufactured without parabens, silicones, SLS / SLES, mineral oils, allergens and without dyes. They are enriched with plant extracts and oils.

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INSIGHT Colored natural conditioner for ...

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This conditioner complements the effect of the shampoo to maintain the color without ...
Without parabens
Silicone free

INSIGHT Volume up shampoo for hair volum...

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Natural hair shampoo that adds volume to the hair. Even a natural shampoo can ad...

INSIGHT cosmetics were inspired by nature in the city and therefore developed natural cosmetics in their laboratories, which aim to combine the ancient wisdom of plant extracts and oils and work with organic ingredients.

INSIGHT products nourish, are rich in quality ingredients and at the same time are active in accordance with a healthy choice of recipe purity. Innovative and unconventional recipes protect the health of hair and its shine through a strict selection of ingredients and at the same time meet the highest professional standards among hairdressers.

Environmental sustainability is a priority.

Certificates used by INSIGHT:

The mission of the INSIGHT brand is ecological sustainability, both in relation to the environment and society. It is an affordable cosmetics for everyone who respects similar values ​​as INSIGHT.

As far as natural cosmetics are concerned and INSIGHT laboratories do not use:

  • synthetic dyes (only in anti-yellowing shampoo, it is necessary to use a dye for the correct effect of the recipe).
  • SLS and SLES - all our shampoos are prepared without SLS and SLES, which are considered aggressive and can be irritating to the skin. Instead, INSIGHT uses a detergent derived from coconut (sodium coceth sulfate). By using cleansers that are more acceptable to the skin, balance and health are achieved.
  • parabens and MIT (methylisothiazolinone) are preservatives that have been the subject of controversy. Scientific research has still not concluded whether or not they are harmful. While the world is waiting for an answer, INSIGHT has decided to use alternative preservatives. In all our shampoos we use a biodegradable mixture of fruit acids such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. For masks and conditioners, we use preservatives that consist of benzyl alcohol and products derived from natural products such as glyceryl laurate (derived from palm oil).
  • Allergens - we decided to use only fragrances without allergens, so our treatment is as sensitive as possible even for those very sensitive scalp.
  • Silicones - silicones are inorganic polymers derived from silicon, which are produced synthetically. It is true that they give the hair instant softness and shine. All this is by creating a smooth coating on the surface of the hair, which prevents the hair from absorbing the active ingredients. For this reason, there are no silicones in any INSIGHT product.
  • Mineral oils and petrolatum - Vaseline (parafinum liquidum) is a refined petroleum product that forms a coating on the skin or hair. Despite this coating, the skin and scalp cannot breathe and thus function properly. Where possible, we have chosen as a substitute ingredients that are more compatible with the scalp and that are derived from natural products.