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Masks, conditioners, serums and other nutrition for beautiful and healthy hair - Subrína

17 items
Strong fixation

Subrina Style Define Blow-dry lotion for...

from € 5.9
In stock
- lotion to ensure maximum hair strength when curling on curlers - After use, the ...
Medium degree of fixation

Subrina Style Define Salt Spray Texture...

€ 10.3 € 10.3
In stock
- After use, the hair looks casually disheveled and wavy - The spray contains sea ...

Subrina Care Color conditioner for color...

from € 6.5
In stock
Subrina Care Color Conditioner ensures long-term color stability, nourishes hair and ...
For color hair
No oxidant is needed

Subrina Direct color hair color (no oxid...

from € 18.8
In stock
Direct Color is a new extremely intensive non-oxidizing color without ammonia. New...
Subrina Refresh pigment hair mask 150 ml
Against creaking
No oxidant is needed

Subrina Refresh pigment hair mask 150 ml

from € 14.3
In stock
A nourishing mask with temporary pigments is designed to revive an existing color or ...
- 1 %

Subrina Care Color Silver mask 150ml

€ 8.0 € 8.0
In stock
Mask to preserve the perfect blonde color. The anti-yellow mask effectively neut...

Subrina Care Hydro Christmas Package 202...

€ 15.4
In stock
Package includes: Subrina Care Hydro Shampoo 250ml + Subrina Care Hydro Conditioner 2...

Subrina Care Keratin rinse-free nourishi...

€ 14.9 € 14.9
In stock
It supplies damaged hair with a strong dose of keratin. Revitalizes hair and hel...
For ruined hair
For dry hair

Subrina Care Keratin lotion 480 ml

€ 15.0
In stock
It strengthens the hair by improving the structure of the hair, at the same time revi...

Subrina Care Pure Micellar Conditioner

from € 6.9
In stock
Micellar cleansing balm restores natural moisture without burdening the hair, this no...

Subrina Care Pure Christmas Package 2021

€ 19.7
In stock
Package includes: Subrina Care Pure Micellar Shampoo 250ml + Subrina Care Pure Micell...

Subrina Care Repair Conditioner

€ 6.6 € 6.6
In stock
A nourishing conditioner that closes hair cuticles and leaves hair soft, nourished an...

Subrina Care Repair Christmas Package 20...

€ 13.6 € 13.6
In stock
Package contains: Subrina Care Repair shampoo 250ml + Subrina Care Repair conditioner...

Subrina Care Scalp Anti-dandruff lotion ...

€ 6.6 € 6.6
In stock
Anti-dandruff lotion significantly eliminates severe forms of dandruff and prevents t...

Subrina Care Scalp Detox Mask 150ml

€ 7.7 € 7.7
In stock
Light moisturizing mask.
against dandruff
Greasy hair

Subrina Care Scalp Detox scrub detox pee...

€ 7.7 € 7.7
In stock
It is designed as a scalp treatment that removes old cells and allows new ones to rec...

Subrina Care Scalp massage lotion 480ml

€ 10.2
In stock
The scalp massage lotion pleasantly refreshes the scalp, revitalizes it and stimulate...