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Masks, conditioners, serums and other nutrition for beautiful and healthy hair - Dr. Müller

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Echosline Ki-Power mask

New range of products enriched with keratin and hyaluronic acid. It penetrates deep under the damaged layers and restores the health and structure of the hair fiber from the inside   ...
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Painless combing
For all hair types

Dr. Müller PantheHair conditioner 200 ml

€ 4.9 € 4.9
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PantheHair® Easy Combing Conditioner contains 4% panthenol and orange wax. The r...
Painless combing

Dr. Müller Panthenol conditioner 4% 200 ...

€ 5.0
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The result of regular use of Panthenol conditioner is fine, shiny and easy to comb ha...