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Dry and sensitive skin - Dr. Müller

Top product

RYOR nourishing cream with stem cells from argan 50 ml

A gentle, well-absorbed cream with a high content of active ingredients. The best composition of the cream for skin hydration - argan stem cells, argan butter and hyaluronic acid.   ...
In stock € 11.8
7 items
It does not rinse
Against acne
against dandruff

Dr. Müller SulfaDerm sulfur tonic 150 ml

€ 5.5
In stock
A unique product based on a traditional natural active substance, elemental sulfur, i...
For sensitive skin
Contains no preservatives

Dr. Müller IchthyoCare soap 100 g

€ 4.4
In stock
Soap with 2.5% white ichtamol is a skin cleanser with problems associated with the fo...
Contains no preservatives
Czech brand

Dr. Müller IchthyoCare pasta 30 ml

€ 4.4 € 4.4
In stock
The paste with white ichthamol 5% is suitable as a means of subsequent care of proble...
For sensitive skin

Dr. Müller Panthenol Ha cream 7% 30 ml

€ 5.2
Easily absorbed emulsion with a soothing effect on the skin. Suitable for the care of...
Intensive care

Dr. Müller Sea buckthorn ointment 50 ml

€ 4.0
In stock
Sea buckthorn ointment Müller Pharma is a traditional product containing 100% cold pr...
For dry skin
Herbal ingredient

Dr. Müller Marigold ointment 50 ml

€ 4.1
In stock
Traditional preparation containing a standardized oil and alcohol extract of calendul...
For sensitive skin
Skin cleansing

Dr. Müller Skin tonic with tee tree oil ...

€ 7.3 € 7.3
In stock
The skin tonic cleanses, pleasantly refreshes and soothes the skin and effectively re...