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Dr. Müller Arnica ointment 50 ml

Hydration relieves muscles
Product code: MAS004 SKU manufacturer: 8594009624913 Brand: Dr. Müller
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Arnica ointment Dr. Müller Pharma is a traditional preparation containing a standardized oil extract from the flowers of Arnica montana (Arnica montana) obtained by a gentle process guaranteeing a high content of active ingredients.

The ingredients of arnica, especially essential oils, have very beneficial effects on the skin with feelings of muscle and limb fatigue.



Detailed Description

Arnica ointment is suitable for massages and skin care, it refreshes tired legs. Massages with the product help to release muscle tension. The ointment is also suitable for softening and soothing skin irritated in any way (wind, frost, sun). Thanks to the high content of glycerin and beeswax, it lubricates the skin very well.

Package contents

50 ml

Specification points

It is applied several times a day as needed.

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