Botugen Reconstructing Hair Shampoo

Sulphate free Advantageous liter packaging
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Gently cleanses. Composition without sulphates and salts pH 5.5 (small package only). Restores the balance of natural proteins. Leaves hair soft, hydrated, firm and voluminous.

It does not burden the hair with unnecessary chemistry and at the same time perfectly restores damaged hair.



Detailed Description

Reconstructing shampoo for brittle and damaged hair. Gently cleanses the hair and at the same time facilitates the internal reconstruction process. Thanks to its fine, sulfate-free, salt-free composition, it restores the natural protein balance. The hair is then soft, hydrated, toned and bulkier.
The large liter package has a pH of 6.5 and is intended mainly for hairdressers. Higher pH opens the hair better so that the active substances can be better absorbed. Then it is necessary to close the hair well with a suitable product, preferably Botugen Botolife Filler.

The smaller 300ml package is intended for home use to maintain excellent hair condition. Therefore, it already has a lower pH of 5.5.

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