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Botugen Botolife Filler intensive hair filling 150ml

For volume It does not rinse
Product code: 8032947866465 SKU manufacturer: 8032947866465 Brand: Fanola
€ 41.1
€ 41.1
€ 33.97 without VAT
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Botolife filler from Fanola is applied to the inner structure of the hair. The hair is firmer, healed and shiny after application. Ph 5.5.

Finally, treat yourself to healthy hair without frizz.



Detailed Description

Botolife filler is applied after shampoo from the same line. The shampoo ensures perfect opening of the hair and this "filler" can penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and thus perfectly regenerate it. If you have brittle or damaged hair, Botolife is a great choice for you. After this nourishing peel, the hair will be shiny and finally have volume. At the same time, this peel restores damaged areas of the scalp, so the hair will be healthy from the roots.

It is recommended to apply this peel every 3 months.

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