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Beer cosmetics with hop extract

The beer line offers quality products containing hop extract and other highly valued active ingredients. It contains a wide range of products that are designed for all skin types and age categories of women and men. Beer cosmetics is connected with the tradition of Czech beer and its excellent reputation in the world.

3 items

RYOR beer hair balm 250 ml

€ 6.4
In stock
The balm makes it easier to comb the hair and at the same time regenerates the hair a...
- 1 %

RYOR beer hand cream 100 ml

€ 6.3 € 6.3
In stock
Gentle, easily absorbable hand cream with hop extract, shea butter and lecithin. ...

RYOR beer shampoo with keratin 250 ml

€ 6.3
In stock
The highly modern composition of the shampoo includes hop extract and keratin, adds v...