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A series of products using lavender essential oil grown in the traditional French region of Provence. Lavender has been used for its properties since ancient Rome. It is suitable for relaxation, unwinding and overall calming during daily stress.

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RYOR Moisturizing cream with lavender 50...

€ 7.6
In stock
A gentle, easily absorbed cream for normal and combination skin. The complex of ...
On sale

RYOR nourishing cream with lavender 50 m...

€ 7.1
In stock
Well absorbable oily cream containing natural lavender essential oil from French Prov...

RYOR Hydrophilic oil for bath and shower...

€ 6.4
In stock
Hydrophilic oil perfectly cleanses the skin of the whole body, at the same time softe...

RYOR hand cream with lavender 100 ml

€ 3.7
In stock
Quickly and well absorbed cream with natural lavender essential oil from French Prove...
- 1 %

RYOR shower gel with lavender 200 ml

€ 5.8 € 5.8
In stock
Gentle, foamy cleansing gel. Lavender allows the skin to achieve a pleasant feel...
For sensitive skin
Pura vida

RYOR body lotion with lavender 300 ml

from € 6.8
In stock
Semi-greasy body lotion containing lavender essential oil, vitamin E, macadamia and o...