Subrina PHI Moisturizing cream for hair shine 150 ml

Without parabens It does not rinse
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Moisturizing cream for greater softness, shine and easier combing of hair.

The light cream does not burden the hair and makes it easier to comb. Thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients Urei, Carbohydrate Isomerate and Algae, it provides the hair with the necessary hydration, softness and radiant shine.



Detailed Description

Urea: Urea is added to hair products mainly because it adds moisture to dry, hard hair and dry skin. Provides long-lasting hydration and reduces skin tension. Urea is also effective against fungi and microbes in the skin.

Carbohydrate isomerate: 100% natural ingredient, known as sugar. It provides instant deep hydration and creates a supply of moisture for at least another 72 hours. It also keeps the skin moist and hydrated and strengthens the hair.

Algae: Algae is rich in calcium, magnesium and iron. It is a perfect solution for dry, thin and thin hair and prevents excessive hair loss. Provides the perfect balance of hair and skin hydration.

Package contents

150 ml

Specification points

Apply to damp or dry hair and comb. Adjust the hairstyle as usual.

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