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Subrina Perfect smoothing cream 100 ml

Product code: NN3838980520907 SKU manufacturer: 3838980520907 Brand: Subrína
€ 8.2
€ 8.2
€ 6.78 without VAT

Smoothing cream with shine.


Detailed Description

Do you want to conjure a smooth soft hairstyle without unwanted volume? Are you bothered by electrifying hair? Everything is playfully solved by the gentle styling cream Smooth Operator. The product makes it easier to comb the hair and thus enables its much simpler and faster final treatment. Thanks to water-soluble silicones, it also protects the hair from adverse external influences, nourishes and hydrates their cuticle and adds a radiant shine to the entire hairstyle.

Package contents

150 ml

Specification points

Apply 2-3 presses of the pump (depending on the length and strength of the hair) evenly to damp hair and comb. Adjust as needed. In case of extremely dry hair, you can apply the product also for dry hair.

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