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Subrina Flexible Strong Mousse foam hardener 300 ml

Strong fixation
Product code: NN3838980520808 SKU manufacturer: 3838980520808 Brand: Subrína
€ 7.7
€ 6.36 without VAT

Foam for strong strengthening of the hairstyle, natural look and freedom of movement.


Detailed Description

Add extra volume and shape to even the finest hair. XL Wonder bulk foam thanks to the contained polymers
creates a transparent elastic and non-stick film on the surface of the hair, thanks to which the hair holds its shape perfectly, but at the same time
they remain flexible and flexible. The product also provides protection against adverse external influences and thanks
the glycerin contained gives the hair extra hydration.

Package contents

300 ml

Specification points

Apply to towel-dried hair. Shake and turn upside down before use. Push the foam into the palm of your hand
and apply it to washed hair.

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