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Siddhalepa Ayurvedic balm for pain relief 25g

Herbal ingredient Ayurvedic recipe
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Ayurvedic herbal balm will help with headaches, migraines, toothaches, joints or rheumatic pains. Great relief for pain during menstruation or ovulation.

Siddhalepa balm should not be missing in any household. Warm balm therapy works very well for joint pain, muscle stiffness after procedures or bruises.



Detailed Description

You will appreciate Siddhalepa Balm especially for colds, it relieves sore throat perfectly. It has a very pleasant cinnamon-eucalyptus scent. It is used similarly to "tiger ointment", but siddhalepa smells more pleasant.

Apply Siddhalepa Balm to the affected areas and massage into the skin. Warming the skin with a bath or steam will speed up the process of improving the problem.

Keep affected areas warm and repeat the process every 3 hours.

Package contents

INCI: Eucalyptus Oil 11.7 ml, Citronella Oil 6.7 ml, Cinnamon Oil 6.1 ml, Pinene Oil 3.3 ml, Menthol 3.3 g, Camphor 2.3 g, Base q.s.


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