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RYOR Cream with phytosphingosine and iris 50 ml

Product code: 18006 SKU manufacturer: 8594007972177
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With regular application of the cream, the symptoms of acne are alleviated, and the production of sebum is regulated.

A cream from the popular Acnestop line, which helps reduce the formation of excess sebum.



Detailed Description

The highly effective cream contains two main active ingredients - the natural substance phytosphingosine and iris extract, as well as vitamin A, E and seaweed extract. With regular application, the symptoms of acne are reduced, sebum production is regulated, redness is reduced and the skin is generally soothed. We recommend using it in combination with other products of the Aknestop series, especially skin cleansers.

  • suitable for oily and acne skin (including more severe forms of acne)
  • significantly improves the condition of the skin and reduces the production of sebum, and thus acne
  • for day and night use all year round

Package contents

50 ml

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