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RYOR Care care box for men 250 ml + 100 ml + towel

Product code: NNKK101
€ 14.7
€ 14.7
€ 12.15 without VAT

Products for men contain elegant men's perfume.

The contained active ingredients such as seaweed extract, lecithin and light argan butter ensure nutrition, regeneration and skin protection.



Detailed Description

Package contains:

  • 3in1 shower gel is used simultaneously as a shampoo and conditioner. The hair is regenerated and shiny after use. It is suitable for daily washing, including intimate hygiene.
  • Men's care cream is a light, quickly absorbed cream that provides daily morning and evening skin care, including aftershave treatment.
  • Soft terry towel 30 x 50 cm

Package contents


  • 3in1 shower gel for men
  • Caring cream for men
  • Soft terry towel 30x50 cm

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