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REVLON UniqOne all in 1 hair care 150 ml

For dry hair It does not rinse
Product code: 8432225037172 SKU manufacturer: 8432225037172
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€ 22.6
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Rinse-free hair care that visibly treats and beautifies hair from roots to ends.

Spray care for hydration and hair shine. It reduces ripples, protects from the sun and makes styling easier.



Detailed Description

The comprehensive treatment will provide you with perfect nutrition and regeneration, give your hair a radiant shine and smooth it along its entire length.

10 real benefits in 1 uniqOne product:

  1. cleans without the need for water
  2. refreshes and revives
  3. absorbs excess sebum
  4. helps maintain hair color (reduces washing)
  5. gives the hair a fresh scent
  6. minimum residue
  7. prolongs the life of the hairstyle
  8. easy to use: spray, comb and you're done
  9. adds volume
  10. natural look

Package contents

150 ml

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