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Novex Brazilian keratin concentrated hair balm 250 ml

For dry hair
Product code: NN34678
€ 14.5
€ 14.5
€ 11.98 without VAT

Novex Max Keratin contains a super concentrate of Brazilian keratin, which nourishes and at the same time strengthens hair strands.

This unique formula contains hydrolyzed keratin, which is absorbed faster into the hair, deeply strengthens and revitalizes.



Detailed Description

Novex Max Keratin has active moisturizing elements that add shine and natural appearance to the hair. Novex Max Keratin revives and regenerates hair fibers.
Super concentrated balm for complete reconstruction of hair structure containing hydrolyzed keratin.

  • for all hair types, also suitable for extended hair
  • for hair fiber strengthening, fast absorption and immediate results
  • PH 3.5
  • 0% formaldehyde

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