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Loreal Vitamino Color A-OX Mask 200 ml

Product code: NN3474636483754 SKU manufacturer: 3474636483754 Brand: L'Oréal
€ 17.8
€ 17.8
€ 14.71 without VAT

Mask for the protection of vibrant colors and the perfect appearance of hair developed especially for colored hair. After use, the hair is easy to comb and nourished, light and shiny.

The composition of the mask helps protect the hair fiber and promotes the radiance of the color.



Detailed Description

Active substances:

  • AOX technology
  • a cocktail of antioxidants perfectly protects colored hair and gives it nutrition and shine
  • neohespyridine
  • tocopherol
  • Panthenol
  • UV Filter

Package contents

200 ml

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