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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo dry shampoo 200 ml

Product code: NNLS200429
€ 13.6
€ 13.6
€ 11.24 without VAT

A light dry shampoo with high absorption capacity will leave a feeling of purity in your hair, in addition, the hairstyle will be perfectly refreshing and pleasantly fragrant.

For a real feeling of purity, lift the hair during application and apply the shampoo thoroughly (you can also use your fingers) on the entire surface of the head.



Detailed Description

  • contains a fine powder that very effectively absorbs grease from the hair roots and is also gentle on the scalp
  • has a light consistency that does not burden the hair
  • revitalizes
  • adds volume to hair
  • leaves a feeling of purity in the hair
  • gives hair a captivating scent of fresh coconut

Package contents

200 ml

Specification points

Shake before use. Apply to the roots of the hair from a distance of about 16 cm.

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