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Echosline Carbon 9 Mask with activated carbon for damaged and chemically treated hair

Without parabens Sulphate free
Product code: 1 SKU manufacturer: 8008277238104 Brand: Echosline

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€ 15.0
€ 15.0
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The activated carbon mask from Echosline will give your hair energy and shine. After washing, the hair will be combed, soft and deeply nourished.

Activated carbon in the mask accelerates hair regeneration and slows down aging. The mask perfectly closes the hair fiber and thus deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair.


Detailed Description

The activated carbon in Karbon 9 restores the hair's natural beauty and protects it from the daily aggressive effects of the external environment with a protective film. The products are based on 100% natural bamboo vegetable activated carbon, which cleanses and detoxifies

The composition of Karbon 9 products also contains SUPER-MIX 9 natural and revitalizing plant extracts:

  • 3 oils that protect and moisturize (baobab, black cumin, neem),
  • 3 extracts from exotic fruits that supply energy to the hair (mango, papaya, pineapple),
  • 3 extracts from herbs that purify (nettle, sage, yarrow)
  1. immediately adds softness, liveliness and shine without straining the hair
  2. light composition that is quickly absorbed
  3. also suitable for blonde / bleached hair
  4. vegan composition, 100% natural ingredients, no parabens

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